Custom handmade banjos

All my instruments are one of a kind and are made entirely by hand in my workshop beside the River Severn in the Shropshire village of Alveley.

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The workshop is also open for fretted instrument repairs, set-ups and other string instruments repairs, simply contact me for an estimate and further information



Not only does it sound great but when I’m not playing it, it stands in my room like a piece of art.

Tat Taylor

I'm delighted with my Howson, it's my go to, everyday banjo. 12" cherry pot, ebony tone ring, goat hide head, brass hardware. I have a few others, including antique banjos from some of the best American makers. It's the Howson that I reach for most.

Andy Taylor

As a fiddle player I asked Will to make me a 17 fret short scale open back tenor banjo so I could play using my fiddle fingering. The result is a stunning instrument with a wooden tone ring and understated brass fittings which plays beautifully with a loud but mellow tone.

Phil Jackson

Importantly, the intonation on both is accurate, and the handmade tone ring gives a brighter sound but does not diminish the old time fullness you would hope to have on a traditional style instrument. The workmanship extends to handmade bridges. The five string bridge is a work of art and has compensation built in. It is a thing of beauty in itself.

Canon Peter Midwood
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