No 33 Slotted Headstock with Ebony Tone Ring Banjo

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No 33 Slotted Headstock with Ebony Tone Ring Banjo


The customer who commissioned this banjo wanted an instrument with a utilitarian look, as there was no inlay or decoration other than the fret dots we decided on using Ebony that had lots of colour in it for the headstock, fret board and rim cap. The Tone ring is also Ebony and the tone of the banjo is punchy with a bit of brightness and a nice amount of sustain.

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  • 25.4" scale length.
  • Slim neck profile.
  • Enoch style scoop.
  • Curved Traditional heel.
  • Two way adjustable truss rod.
  • Ebony fretboard with light abalone fret dots, Ebony headstock veneer with cherry and ebony backing veneers.
  • Medium fretwire.
  • Buffalo horn nut.
  • Block rim construction with integral Ebony tone ring and Ebony rim cap.
  • Romero style dowel rod construction.
  • Handmade raw brass tension hoop and 20 brackets.
  • Rickard no knot tailpiece and hooks and nuts.
  • Gotoh open gear tuners
  • Compensated Cherry and Ebony bridge.
  • Stained goat skin.
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