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No 23 Overspun banjo


This Banjo is built from an old, Victorian 12.2 inch 24 bracket overspun rim. With the neck I went for flamed Maple and Ebony with a really chunky profile and a Dobson heel. The banjo has a thin goat skin and is strung with BADGB strings from a classical guitar set for tuning to dGBDG (Low Reuben tuning) and has a ton of bass!

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  • 25.5" Scale.
  • Frettless neck with markers from 7th.
  • 12 inch overspun rim.
  • Handmade brass tension hoop and tailpiece.
  • Rickard hooks, nuts, brackets.
  • Flame Maple neck.
  • African Ebony fretboard.
  • Alder burl (traded with a tree surgeon friend) headstock/scoop veneer, truss rod cover.
  • Gotoh raw brass tuners.
  • Stained goat skin.
  • Maple bridge with Ebony cap.
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