No 27 Sapele A scale Banjo

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No 27 Sapele A scale Banjo


The idea behind this banjo was to build a small portable instrument, that could fit in the overhead in a plane without compromising the tone and volume. The scale length is 23.2 inches which is about a bluegrass banjo scale minus the first two frets, starting from the longer bluegrass scale means that the instrument can be tuned down to G without the strings feeling floppy. The rim is smaller than usual but also a bit deeper and the tone ring is from a beautiful and very dense billet of plantation grown Indian rosewood which gives the banjo a warm woody sound with a bit of brightness.

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  • 23.2" A scale.
  • Slim neck profile.
  • Three piece neck.
  • Two way adjustable truss rod.
  • Rosewood fretboard and headstock veneer.
  • Medium fretwire.
  • Enoch style scoop.
  • Fat Dobson heel.
  • Bone nut.
  • Block rim construction with integral Rosewood tone ring and Rosewood rim cap.
  • Romero inspired dowel rod construction.
  • Handmade raw brass tension hoop, hooks, Gibson style nuts and brackets.
  • Rickard no knot tailpiece.
  • Planetary tuners.
  • Compensated Maple and Rosewood bridge.
  • Stained goat skin.
  • Hand rubbed true oil finish.
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